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Company Registration in Coimbatore

Get a simple and cost-effective way to company registration in coimbatore and manage trademarks across the country. Defend your intellectual property and your company from fraud.

company registration in coimbatore

company registration in coimbatore

Company registration in Coimbatore

Why it's important to register your company?


Bulletproof your brand

Build a powerful brand with the ® symbol. Make it easier to sue those who steal your mark.

Protect what’s yours

Register your Trademark so competitors can’t profit from it.

Stop copycats

Own the exclusive rights to your brand names, slogans, and logos.
Trademark registration in Coimbatore



A trademark is a unique symbol or word(s) used to represent a business or its products
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Copyright registration in Coimbatore

Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

Safeguard a business name, slogan, or brand logo that distinguishes your company and emphasizes its uniqueness.
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Patent registration in Coimbatore

Patent Registration

Patent Registration

We will help you transform your invention into a valuable intangible business asset.
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Private company registration in Coimbatore

Company Registration

Company Registration

FilersCorner can incorporate a company in less than ten days, subject to government processing times and availability of all documents.
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Protect Your Invention

Filers Corner is an online business and intellectual property compliance platform that assists entrepreneurs and families with various registration like  Trademark registration in Coimbatore, One Person Company Registration in Coimbatore, Copyright registration in Coimbatore, Private limited company registration in Coimbatore, Partnership firm Registration in Coimbatore, Nidhi Company Registration in Coimbatore, filing, accounting, and government services around Coimbatore.

Save Money. Save Time.

Entrepreneurial aspirations among youngsters are on the rise in India. To ensure that the new business is given the best start, it is imperative to consult Filers Corner with specialized experience in dealing with startups. We understand your business plan and advice you on the choice of a legal entity, licenses, funding, taxation, and compliance.

Trademark Registration

A legal presumption of ownership, which can help fend off would-be users

trademark opposition in coimbatore

Trademark Renewal

Trademark renewal preserves those rights which are only available to a registered mark. If failed, they shall lose all the protection that comes with registration.

Trademark Opposition

The Act prescribes that any person can file a notice of opposition against the Trademark which is advertised or re-advertised in the Trade Marks Journal

Trademark Objection

When customers see a familiar logo or phrase, they have instant recognition, driving preference, and, ultimately, sales, they can file Objection.

Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is completed as per the Copyright Act, 1957

Patent Registration

We will help you transform your invention into a valuable intangible business asset

trademark opposition in coimbatore

Sole Proprietorship

The owner of a sole proprietorship typically signs contracts in his or her own name, because the sole proprietorship has no separate identity under the law for company registration in coimbatore.

Register your Future Company Now

Easy Company Incorporation, Only with FilersCorner!
Nidhi Company Registration in Coimbatore

One Person Company

Company registration in coimbatore for one person comes with various benefits like limited liability, easy to form, continuous existence, greater credibility.

Partnership Firm

In the corporate arena, the term partnership refers to a relation or an association between two or more people who decide mutually to establish a business and share profits and losses.

Limited Liability Partnership

It is obtained by various budding entrepreneurs, Law Firms, Auditing Firms, Real Estate Agencies, Financial Advisory Services, Business Consultancies, and Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

Private Limited Company

If you are looking for a closely held and well-organized form of existence for your business, Company registration in Coimbatore Private Limited is the most appropriate option

Public Limited Company

Company Registration in Coimbatore has a public limited is obtained for enjoying better avenues in terms of fund borrowing

Nidhi Company

Company registration in Coimbatore for Nidhi Company has evolved as a popular lending mechanism for obtaining secured loans.

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