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Trademark Objection

The Trademark examination authority will scrutinize your trademark application in a detailed manner. It is done under existing rules under the trademark act of India. The examination authority will issue an objection to a trademark application for many reasons, including incorrect trademark form, wrong information filled in application form, existence of similar Trademark, etc.

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Your Trusted Partner for Trademark Objection Services

At Filers Corner, we understand that receiving a trademark objection can be a frustrating experience. As a premier trademark registration firm, we offer comprehensive services, including expert guidance and support in overcoming trademark objections. Our team of professionals specializes in crafting well-structured trademark objection replies, giving you the best chance of securing your brand identity.

Trademark Objection Company In India

Trademark Objection Company In India

Addressing Trademark Objections with Confidence

A trademark objection may arise for various reasons, such as similarity with an existing trademark, insufficient distinctiveness, or inaccurate classification. Filers Corner is equipped to handle any trademark objection you may encounter. Our trademark objection services include:

Trademark Objection Analysis: Our experts will thoroughly analyze the grounds for objection and develop a tailored strategy to address the concerns raised by the trademark examiner.

Trademark Objection Reply: Filers Corner's experienced team will craft a well-reasoned and persuasive trademark objection reply, meticulously addressing each issue while highlighting the unique aspects of your trademark.

Follow-up and Monitoring: We stay in constant communication with the examining authorities, ensuring a smooth process and providing updates on the progress of your case.

Trust Filers Corner for Your Trademark Objection Needs

When you choose Filers Corner to handle your trademark objections, you can expect:

 Expert Assistance: Our team of seasoned professionals possesses extensive knowledge of trademark law and is committed to providing personalized support throughout the trademark objection process.

 Proven Results:With a track record of successfully overcoming trademark objections, we have the experience and expertise to help you protect your brand.

 Timely Service:We understand the importance of time-sensitive trademark objections and work diligently to provide prompt and effective solutions.

 Transparent Pricing: Filers Corner offers competitive pricing for our trademark objection services, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment.

  Don't let a trademark objection stand in the way of securing your brand identity. Contact Filers Corner today and experience the difference of working with a leading trademark registration firm for all your trademark objection and reply needs!

Trademark Objection Company In India

Trademark Objection Reply

Trademark registration is a type of intellectual property protection, under which a word or visual symbol used by a business to distinguish it goods or services from other similar goods or services originating from a different business can be protected. A trademark application must be filed by the Applicant with the relevant Trade Mark Registrar in the prescribed format to register a trademark. Once a trademark application is filed, the Trade Marks Registrar would process the Application and issue an Examination Report. Among the outcomes, the Trademark Examination Report could allow for the trademark application to be advertised before registration or the Trademark Examiner could object to the registration of the mark.

In cases wherein the Trade Mark Registrar raises an objection for registration of a trademark, the Applicant has an opportunity to submit a written reply for the objection raised. The reply to the Trademark Examination Report should contain reasons, facts and evidences as to why the mark should be registered in favor of the Applicant along with supporting evidence, if any. If the Trademark Examiner finds the reply sufficient and addresses all the concerns raised by him/her in the Examination Report, the Application would be allowed to be published in the Trademark Journal, before registration.

Reasons for trademark objection

Examination authority will update the objection in the examination report. The Applicant has to make sure that he replies to objections raised in the examination report within 30 days. If no response is received within 30 days then trademark application would lapse and trademark application status would be changed to "Refused".


  • Existence of a similar trademark – The examiner would issue an objection if the Trademark filed for registration is similar to an existing trademark already registered in the trademark registry. The objection will be raised under section 11(1) of the Trade Marks Act as identical or similar to existing trademarks. This may cause confusion among the masses and trademark authorities need to prevent it. Applicants can reply to this objection by stating how his Trademark is different from existing Trademark with evidence. This objection also highlights the importance of a complete trademark search done professionally pre registration.
  • Trademark has common character – This objection will be raised for Trademark which are quite similar to Trademark of other individuals or firms. Goods and services should have a distinctive character with other firm's goods and services. Applicants need to prove that his or her products indeed have a different character of their own.
  • Deceptive Trademark – A trademark is deemed deceptive if it is deceptively similar to another mark if it so nearly resembles that other mark as likely to deceive or cause. Applicants can mitigate this objection by applying by filing form TM-16.
  • Indistinct specifications for goods and services – This objection could be raised if the examiner finds that a large number of goods and services are filed under Application. It is not clear under which goods and services application has been filed
  • Wrong address mentioned on the application form – It is important to mention the address of the principal base of Applicant. If the correct address or incomplete address is mentioned then trademark objection would be raised in the following manner: "The principal base of the applicant should be brought on record by filing a request on TM-16".
  • Application in incorrect form – This objection would be raised if Application is not raised in correct form. Trademark examiner would ask the Applicant to fill the trademark application in the correct form.
  • Wrong applicant name – The name mentioned in the application form should match with identity and address proof attached with Application. Name of all directors and partners should be clearly mentioned as the case maybe.
  • Not filing form TM-48 – It is mandatory to file trademark form 48 or TM-48 if Application is being filed by an attorney or an agent.

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