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Patent Registration

Patents in India are regulated by the Patents Act, 1970. A patent is a right granted for a device, substance, method, or process that you have invented that is new, inventive and useful when compared with what is already known.It is an exclusive right provided to the owner or the enterprise under which no outsider can make, use, sell or import the patented product or process without the approval from the owner. Just like other intellectual property rights, a patent can also be transferred or sold by the inventor to the person and in the price he wants.

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  • Provisional Application
  • Provisional Application is a temporary application filed with a Patent Office to claim a "Priority Date" and when an invention is not complete in all aspects. This Application is extremely helpful since it is relatively inexpensive to prepare and file, enables the inventor to study the feasibility of the invention in terms of potential markets, distributors, licensees. However, the complete Application needs to be filed within 12 months or else it will be treated as abandoned.

  • Complete Application
  • A patent application containing the complete specification and claims of the invention is called a complete application and this can be filed directly if the invention is complete in all aspects.

  • Convention Application
  • When an applicant files the Application for a patent, claiming a priority date based on the same or substantially similar Application filed in one or more of the convention countries, it is called a convention application. In order to get convention status, an applicant should file the Application in the Indian Patent Office within twelve months from the date of the first filing of a similar application in the convention country.

  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) – International Application
  • It is an international agreement for filing patent applications having an effect in up to 138 countries. PCT does not provide a grant of an international patent, the treaty:

    1. Simplifies and delays the process and expenses of filing patent applications if one wishes to file in multiple countries.
    2. Also, the Applicant needs to file just a single application with one receiving patent office in order to simultaneously seek a patent in multiple (up to 138 countries) across the globe.
  • PCT-National Phase Application
  • An international application made according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) being the first Application, can enter the national phase in India within 31 months from the international filing date or priority date (whichever is earlier). This Application filed before the Controller in the Indian Patent Office claiming the priority and international filing date is called the PCT National Phase application. The filing date of the Application shall be the international filing date accorded under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Requirements and Procedure for patent Registration

Patent drafting/writing

Filers Corner represents quality and consistent patent search services prepared for all the clients from India and overseas to get the benefit of maximum returns from the IP.


Filers Corner involves necessary steps to compete with deadlines and provides registered patent agent services to Indian and overseas corporates, Individual inventors and law firms. Filers Corner proved themselves as the fastest filing reporting for their clients.

Patent examination

Examination report generated by patent offices defines the objection for the applications. All the objections must be clearly made within the time limit provided by the patent offices. Filers Corner takes care of the same for the cases of responsibilities.

Patent prosecution

It is a process of patent attorney service which leads the interaction between an applicant or its representative and a patent office. Patent Office is located in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.

Patent opposition

Opposition can be Pre-grant or Post-grant. Pre-grant opposition can be filed for grant of patent after the Application has been published. Post-grant opposition can be filed within a period of twelve months after the grant of a patent.

Patent maintenance

It relates with the patent renewal and patent attorney services with its working statements and provides the facility of managing its portfolio. It generates patent information and undertakes foreign applications.

Patent related appeal and litigations

It makes a great appeal at IPAB and in Courts by making patent infringement protection for custom and border. It has a keen observation on submissions and pre-grant and post grant oppositions. It helps in prosecuting and defending civil suits for infringement.

Patent Litigation

Consolidating a solid position by leading a legal action that initiates the bridgeheads into technical areas that understand the intrinsic values of patents and the experience of successfully handling patents for domestic and International clients.

Patent related agreements

Various agreements come into its band, such as Assignment Agreement, Exclusive License Agreement, Non-Exclusive License Agreement, Confidentiality Agreements Research and Innovation Development Agreement, Licensing and transfer of technology Agreement.

Patent landscaping

Patent landscaping is a type of research process that provides an overview of the patents related to the project. This covers granted as well as pending patent applications.

Prior art search analysis

Patent Analytics stands for the in-depth statistical analysis of patent activity in a particular technology. It creates groups of similar patents by using fielded data.

Patent infringement analysis

Infringement analysis includes certain essential features of the invention, utilizing claimed features, equivalence, taking part of the invention.

Patent Analytics Outsourcing

Patent Technology, Landscape analysis are helping our client not only to understand the market involving a particular technology and the latest development involving technology and giving tough strengths to its competitors. At Filers Corner, upon understanding the client's need according to technology domain provides an exhaustive search and detailed analysis of the documents (patent and non-patent literature) the report is prepared.

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Patent portfolio analysis is conducted for identifying the patents and various patent applications owned by a company. The portfolio included issued patent and published patent applications of the countries of interest of the company. We, at Filers Corner, perform detailed portfolio analysis to provide you a complete insight into your portfolio based on your request.

Patent Watch And Alert

The patent watch and alert services can be categorized into technology-based watch services or competitor-based watch services. The patent watch services can be object-oriented to suit your needs. We, at Filers Corner, provide patent watch search reports based on client needs and deliver cost-efficient and quality patent watch and alert services to keep our clients updated on recent developments in the field of interest.

Prior art analysis

Prior art analysis is essential to decide the status of the technology. It has been conducted with a specific goal to get closely relevant prior art, patents or published patent applications which are equivalent to the specific technology. At Filers Corner, we believe that both the concept have equal value, the context of the search, and the search methodology. The analysis report cites details of the relevant patent/prior art documents, along with our detailed analysis of the same.

Filing a Patent Application Through a Patent Lawyer/Patent Attorney:


  1. Patent-ability/Prior Art Search – The patent lawyer conducts a patent-ability search or novelty search at initiation of the patent services to assess the overlapping of the present invention with granted and published patents.
  2. Patent Drafting – The patent lawyer drafts the best enabled patent as per guidelines provided under section 9 of the Indian patent act. The patent draft would always be reviewed multiple times, it would be free from grammatical errors, have proper antecedents, and be finalized as per satisfaction of the Applicant.
  3. Patent filing – The patent lawyer prepares the forms and files the Application after receiving an approval from the Applicant over the patent draft and prepared forms.

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